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Where to Stay in Chicago: FieldHouse Jones

Where to Stay in Chicago: FieldHouse Jones

If looking where to stay in Chicago, you should definitely check this place out.  Ringing in the dirty 30 my husband and I celebrated my 30th birthday in Chicago.  Staying at the trendy FieldHouse Jones in Chicago made it an even more perfect weekend.   Although I usually like seeing new places, it has been over 10 years since I have visited.  My last time in the Windy City was on a high school art field trip and this was my husbands first time in the city!

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Hiking Bryce Canyon’s Figure 8 Trail


If you are looking for a trail that not only gives you the iconic Bryce Canyon overlook view, but also gets you close and personal to the famous Hoodoo’s look no farther.  The “Figure 8” trail combines both the Peek-a-Boo, Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden trails.

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How to Pick the best AirBnb for your Trip


During our travels we tend to stay in a lot of AirBnB rentals.  This is not the only way we have booked stays, hostels, hotels, sleeper trains and more are all options for choosing a place to sleep at night.  But with AirBnb and another home rentals we have found some gems making our trip even more memorable, even staying on a boat in Paris!  The ease of having all of our places booked through the same site makes communication easier and we have always had an enjoyable experience.  While searching where to stay we always have had some things we consider each time.

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What to Pack for Zion National Park


When visiting Zion, and especially planning to complete some of their must see hikes, such as Angel’s Landing, The Narrows and Observation Point don’t leave without these items.  When we spent 2 days in Zion, you can read about it here, we were glad to have everyone of these essentials.

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Where to Eat on Sanibel Island


When I first met my husband I have never heard of Sanibel Island, Florida.  But he always talked of memories on the island as he had spent countless summers and holidays there staying at his grandfather’s condo.  One summer we got a few friends together and I took my first trip there, I was amazed, not anything like the crowded tourist filled piers and beaches that I was used to growing up.  Since then I have convinced him to take me back several more times.  We typically love to be our own chefs, but we usually try to make an effort to eat at new place each time we are visiting. After many visits to Sanibel Island I thought I would put together a list for you of places to eat at on the island.  Here is a list of our favorite eats (in no particular order):

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2 Days in Zion National Park

Zion Cover finished

This past summer we took a trip out west.  We had an extended weekend and wanted to see a few different sites, but Zion was at the top of our list.  If looking for what to pack for Zion National Park check my post out here.  We arrived into Las Vegas airport and took a drive to stay in La Verkin, Utah.  We stayed in La Verkin because of the availability and affordability.  Springdale, which is right at the entrance of Zion National Park was quite expensive for what was left.  Since we got in late the night before we didn’t get the earliest start.  Which when I say earliest we were still up by 7am heading to the park.  La Verkin is about a 20 minute drive to Zion’s entrance.

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