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What to do in Chamonix

What to do in Chamonix


If you have never been to Chamonix, drop what you are doing right now and book the next flight out.  If I could live in this charming alps town in France I would in a heart beat.  Hiking in the summer months, skiing in the winter and coming home to eat things cover in hot cheese, can you possibly ask for anything more in life??  Chamonix was a perfect break from our few days in the hustling and bustling city of Paris.  Although I would be perfectly happy sitting on a porch eating cheese, cured meats, and sipping wine while peacefully gazing at the mountains and glaciers there are some pretty great things to do Chamonix.

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Visiting Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney Brewing Company


We always love to find the best eats and drinks in the towns we travel to.  Before arriving I thought for sure that Ireland would mostly serve major Irish labels in their local bars.   After a little research we found out we were very wrong.  Most towns had at least one local brewery.  One of our favorite was in Killarney, Ireland named Killarney Brewing Company.

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How to Pick the best AirBnb for your Trip


During our travels we tend to stay in a lot of AirBnB rentals.  This is not the only way we have booked stays, hostels, hotels, sleeper trains and more are all options for choosing a place to sleep at night.  But with AirBnb and another home rentals we have found some gems making our trip even more memorable, even staying on a boat in Paris!  The ease of having all of our places booked through the same site makes communication easier and we have always had an enjoyable experience.  While searching where to stay we always have had some things we consider each time.

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Travel Gift’s for Under $25

Travel Gifts for Under $25

As the holiday season approaches I wanted to take some time to round up some of gift ideas for your favorite travel enthusiast is your life.  Some of these items make great stocking stuffers and are on my list as well 😉  And the best part about these gifts are that they are all under $25!  This is a highlight of some are favorite travel items.  They make great gifts for the traveler on the move, one that is always hard to buy for.

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Hiking the Southern France Calanques


In the summer of 2016 we had tickets to one of the Euro Cup games.  Our game was set in Marseille, France and we got to watch England vs Russia.  It was our first out of country soccer game and it was a blast.  Definitely an unforgettable experience.  We knew we would be in Marseille for a few days and wanted to see some of the best sites.  A friend pointed us in the direction of the Calanques National Park.  This park spreads pretty wide across the coast but is an approximate 45 minute drive from the city center of Marseille.

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What to Pack for Zion National Park


When visiting Zion, and especially planning to complete some of their must see hikes, such as Angel’s Landing, The Narrows and Observation Point don’t leave without these items.  When we spent 2 days in Zion, you can read about it here, we were glad to have everyone of these essentials.

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A Guide to Nayara Resort

A Guide to Nayara Resort


I wanted to give you guys more information on what to do on the Nayara Resort and Spa grounds.  I wrote about where and what to eat on the resort here and what to do around the town of La Fortuna here. If wanting to stay mostly on the resort, Nayara offers plenty to see and do.

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5 Things to do in La Fortuna

4C9047FF-AA8E-422C-9BB4-D5AB535351B0As mentioned in my post before we got to spend our honeymoon at Nayara Resort in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  Although the resort offers more than enough, we wanted to make sure we saw the town of La Fortuna and  more of the rain forest than directly on our resort.  We were lucky enough to book with Nayara at a package deal, so a few excursions were included but we also added on a few more. Although we booked most of these through out resort they are all options that can be booked on your own as well.

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Nayara Resort Spa & Gardens


The next few posts will be about our time at Nayara Resort in Costa Rica.  Today I will be reminiscing about the food and drink options on the resort.  When picking out a place to enjoy our honeymoon we were reluctant to choose a typical all inclusive or cruise.  We like to move around when we travel and see as much as we can.  But we also knew that the two months before our wedding we were going to be more than busy (buying a house, planning our wedding and spending two weeks in Europe the attend the Euro Cup,) we thought might want to schedule in some time for relaxation.

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One day on the Ring of Kerry Itinerary


During our recent trip to Ireland we decided to take on the task of completing the Ring of Kerry in one day. There are so many stops and sights to take in so we had to narrow it down to our must see views.  I love using Google My Maps to help keep track of what locations peak our interest and then plan out a course and time frame from there.  When planning out your own trip I would make sure you leave time for some stops you might not expect.  Ireland is full of places you want to pull off the side of the road and admire the country’s beauty.

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