Great Eats and Drinks in Killarney, Ireland!

Great Eats and Drinks in Killarney, Ireland!

Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder

When we first arrived in Killarney we already had dinner in Kinsale so we were not looking for dinner options.  But we decided to take a quick stroll around town before heading to Ross Castle.  We stumbled upon Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder.  We stuck our head in- they were playing Cars, had shelves full of whiskeys and was serving plates of charcuterie, it was like it was calling our names we knew we had to go back.

We went back a few days later, after a long day driving about the Dingle Peninsula this was the perfect place to sit back and relax.

This place was very chill.  Don’t let the name fool you, they also offer a large variety of gin cocktails.  And not only did they serve spirits from around the world they had a craft beer, cider and wine selection as well.  The great thing about this place was that you didn’t have to stick to trying to choose one type of whiskey.  They offered a variety of flights as well.  And even better a wide variety of price levels to fit your choosing.  The flights cost anywhere from 14 euros to 60 euros.

Having dinner in Dingle already we decided to go for a charcuterie board and a flight of whiskey.  My husband order the “Irish Favorites” flight and it was thoroughly enjoyed.  We still talk about how perfect this place was for us.  All our favorite eats and drinks!


Cronin’s Restaurant

This restaurant was recommended to us by the bartender after our tour at Killarney Brewing Company.  He mentioned how busy it can get as it is a local favorite, when we arrived they didn’t have a table for us.  They were incredibly kind in asking us to wait, explore town for 30 minutes and when we come back they will have a table saved for us.  Half and hour later we came back and walked us upstairs to a table saved for us.  I ordered the Lamb Cutlets and my husband got the Sirloin Steak.  I feel like all of Ireland understands how to cook a steak tender and savory!  Both were delicious and we were fully aware why this place was recommended to us!

Murphy’s Ice Cream

After reading that Murphy’s Ice Cream is a must while in Ireland we stopped here for a treat while we took a walk to Ross Castle.  We could of filled up on the samples alone, again as all of Ireland had been the staff was outstanding and helpful in understanding the options.   Murphy’s Has locations in most major towns and cities in Ireland.  I love their flavors here! Irish Coffee, Dingle Gin, Caramelized Brown Bread, Dingle Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Carmel Honeycomb and more! Their flavors rotate so check their menu here!  And shhhh if you love making ice cream yourself you can find some of their recipes on their blog here 🙂 Definitely going to try some of these this summer!

Killarney Brewing Company

If you are a craft beer drinker I believe that Killarney Brewing Company is a must visit.  You can read about our tour at Killarney Brewing here.

Courtney’s Bar

Courtney’s was another location recommend by a local.  We enjoyed a pint from here after our dinner at Cronin’s.  Here we got to try two more Irish craft beers. Rebel Red Ale made by Franciscan Well based in Cork.  And also a Black IPA made by Blacks Brewery in Kinsale.

Breakfast at the B & B

As in most of Ireland we enjoyed a hearty breakfast made at our AirBnB.  Their food and service always left of satisfied and ready to take on a day of exploring the countryside.  When booking through AirBnB our breakfast way included, booking through another service it was note included in the stay.  Click here for $40 off your first AirBnB visit!

Muckross Rd, Dromhale, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

From Killarney you can see many great sights in Ireland.  you can read about our trip on the ring of Kerry here. Or our visit to Doolin to see the Cliffs of Mohr here. And if visiting Dublin check out our 48 hour itinerary here.




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1.  /  2.3.  /  4.  /  5.  /  6.  /   7.


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Secrets to Best Eiffel Tower Experience

DSC_9613 DSC_7144

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What to do in Chamonix

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