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Great Eats and Drinks in Killarney, Ireland!

Great Eats and Drinks in Killarney, Ireland!

Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder

When we first arrived in Killarney we already had dinner in Kinsale so we were not looking for dinner options.  But we decided to take a quick stroll around town before heading to Ross Castle.  We stumbled upon Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder.  We stuck our head in- they were playing Cars, had shelves full of whiskeys and was serving plates of charcuterie, it was like it was calling our names we knew we had to go back.

We went back a few days later, after a long day driving about the Dingle Peninsula this was the perfect place to sit back and relax.

This place was very chill.  Don’t let the name fool you, they also offer a large variety of gin cocktails.  And not only did they serve spirits from around the world they had a craft beer, cider and wine selection as well.  The great thing about this place was that you didn’t have to stick to trying to choose one type of whiskey.  They offered a variety of flights as well.  And even better a wide variety of price levels to fit your choosing.  The flights cost anywhere from 14 euros to 60 euros.

Having dinner in Dingle already we decided to go for a charcuterie board and a flight of whiskey.  My husband order the “Irish Favorites” flight and it was thoroughly enjoyed.  We still talk about how perfect this place was for us.  All our favorite eats and drinks!

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Where to Eat and Drink in Doolin Ireland


As we sat down to plan out our trip to Ireland we knew we wanted to get a chance to see the sight everyone thinks of in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher.  We usually try our best to stay away, or not spend a lot of time at major tourist sights, so we were not sure how authentic of an experience we would get in Doolin.  Heading into Doolin, the closet town to the Cliffs of Moher we thought we would be staying in a large tourist trap.  But my goodness the food and drinks were sooo good.  I am not sure if this was Ireland’s version of a tourist area but we were definitely loving our meals and drinks around town.  Here are a few places that we recommend.

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Visiting Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney Brewing Company


We always love to find the best eats and drinks in the towns we travel to.  Before arriving I thought for sure that Ireland would mostly serve major Irish labels in their local bars.   After a little research we found out we were very wrong.  Most towns had at least one local brewery.  One of our favorite was in Killarney, Ireland named Killarney Brewing Company.

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How to Pick the best AirBnb for your Trip


During our travels we tend to stay in a lot of AirBnB rentals.  This is not the only way we have booked stays, hostels, hotels, sleeper trains and more are all options for choosing a place to sleep at night.  But with AirBnb and another home rentals we have found some gems making our trip even more memorable, even staying on a boat in Paris!  The ease of having all of our places booked through the same site makes communication easier and we have always had an enjoyable experience.  While searching where to stay we always have had some things we consider each time.

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One day on the Ring of Kerry Itinerary


During our recent trip to Ireland we decided to take on the task of completing the Ring of Kerry in one day. There are so many stops and sights to take in so we had to narrow it down to our must see views.  I love using Google My Maps to help keep track of what locations peak our interest and then plan out a course and time frame from there.  When planning out your own trip I would make sure you leave time for some stops you might not expect.  Ireland is full of places you want to pull off the side of the road and admire the country’s beauty.

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A Perfect 48 hours in Dublin


We were lucky enough to catch a red eye flight to Dublin from Cincinnati.  When we arrived into Dublin’s airport is was 9:00am, leaving us a full day to explore.  Despite some lack of sleep we managed to enjoy a lot of Dublin within the first day.  Here is our 48 hours in Dublin schedule.

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5 of the Best Sites in Ireland.

 5 best ireland

Ireland was so much more than what we thought it would be.  Every turn we took we were impressed by the every changing landscapes.  We felt like we saw so much in the week we were there. Taking a car in Ireland was the best way to see as much as we could.  Although the first day navigating the roads on the other side was rough, and much needed help and reminded to turn on the correct side of the road from the passenger, it became quite natural.  Driving through Ireland we saw some great views.  Here are my top 5 and why:


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