A Perfect 48 hours in Dublin


We were lucky enough to catch a red eye flight to Dublin from Cincinnati.  When we arrived into Dublin’s airport is was 9:00am, leaving us a full day to explore.  Despite some lack of sleep we managed to enjoy a lot of Dublin within the first day.  Here is our 48 hours in Dublin schedule.

Day One:

9:00am- Arrive in Dublin

Using your luggage as a carry-on makes a smooth transition when arriving to your destination.  If you can make the one bag approach work, all you have to do is walk off the plane and get to seeing the sights. We went straight to pick up our rental car and made it a quick transaction.

11:00am- Lunch

Our Airbnb host let us drop off our luggage early.  So we grabbed a quick bite to eat nearby before checking in.  We stayed at this cozy AirBnb called ‘Designer Apartment in Dublin City’; the host was super resourceful in giving us ideas of where to eat and drink around town.  Click here to get $40 off your first Airbnb booking!

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12:20pm- Teeling Whiskey Distillery Tour

Our apartment was a block away from the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, so we headed to our tour first.  Make sure you schedule your tour and whiskey sampling ahead of time (You can schedule online here).  After the tour you can spend more time at the distillery, checking out the full service bar, or move on.  We grabbed some souvenirs and dropped them back at our apartment.


2:30pm- Walk to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We walked everywhere in Dublin, it’s a fairly short walk between each destination and it’s truly the best way to see a city.  But if crunched on time or energy, a cab or an Uber would help! Click here to get $5 off your first four Uber rides!



As told by locals, we had several unusually sunny days in Ireland. This day was one of them, and our next stop at St. Stephens Green was packed!  I’m not sure if this crowd was typical, but as it was a weekend and a gorgeous day, it was hard to blame the locals enjoying the warm day in the park.


4:00pm- Trinity College Tour

We bought our tickets for this tour before we left on our trip.  We were glad we did so we skip the line out the door to purchase tickets. You can buy tickets here.



5:00pm -Check out Molly Malone and Castle

The Molly Malone statue is a short walk from the college campus.  We stopped by here for a quick pictures and rubbing 🙂  Murphy’s Ice Cream is nearby if you need a sugar pick me up.


6:30- Cocktails at the Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is a fun speakeasy.  You must make a reservation before hand, because the location is not given to you until the online reservations are made.  Once made they will send you an email for directions on how to locate them.  After finding this gem order a fun cocktail or two to enjoy.



You can grab dinner at the Blind Pig or head out to your own spot.  (We left after cocktails and ate at the Porterhouse Central.  Being beer lovers we knew we wanted to try a local beer while in Dublin.  Something besides a fresh Guinness of course.

We stuck our heads in a few bars and had a drink, but because of our red eye flight we headed in early to be rested for the next days activities.


Day 2:

9:00am- Breakfast

We ate breakfast at Teeling Whiskey Distillery.  Phoenix Cafe is located inside of their distillery, they serve small sandwiches, croissants, coffee and other beverages for breakfast and lunch.


10:00am- Guinness Tour

This seems early for a beer tour, but if I did this again I probably would go earlier.  The best part of this tour is pouring your own Guinness and taking it up the their Gravity bar to enjoy.  By the time our tour ended it was packed, even though when we started the tour we could see only a few people in the bar area.


12:00pm- Lunch

We choose to have lunch at Brazen Head.  Get a bite to eat and of course a drink to enjoy at Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198!


4:00pm- Jameson Tour

Beer in the morning, whiskey in the afternoon.  This tour took you throughout the history of Jameson and a sample of whiskey at the end.  The new space was just renovated and is very well done, and after the tour you get to turn in a ticket for a whiskey or mixed drink!

6:00pm- Dinner

We had reservations made ahead of time at L.Mulligan Grocer.  This restaurant specialized in contemporary Irish food and has a lot of craft beer and whiskey options available. Definitely a must in Dublin!  One of our favorite meals.

8:00pm- Temple Bar area

Enjoy your last night in Dublin by experiencing the famous Temple Bar area and ‘The Temple Bar’ itself.






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