Visiting Killarney Brewing Company

Killarney Brewing Company


We always love to find the best eats and drinks in the towns we travel to.  Before arriving I thought for sure that Ireland would mostly serve major Irish labels in their local bars.   After a little research we found out we were very wrong.  Most towns had at least one local brewery.  One of our favorite was in Killarney, Ireland named Killarney Brewing Company.

After a day driving around the Ring of Kerry (our itinerary here) we made it just before closing at Killarney Brewing Company.  The brewery offers tours, has a gift shop and occasionally has food available for purchase.  Due to laws when we went in March 2017 they are not able to directly sell you a pint or tasting.  As described to us upon entering you can still find a way to enjoy their brews.  One way would be purchasing a pint glass at the gift shop and they will fill it up with purchase.  The other way would be buying a tour pass which includes a sampler tasting at the end of the tour (this is what we chose to do).

In our travels we have been to multiple brewery, winery and distillery tours.  I will admit they start to get repetitive as you learn about the processes of making alcohol.  But we thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

We came in running late so the tour group had already gotten started on the included samples.  We had to wait until the end for ours.  The tour started out with a humorous video made by the staff explaining the history of the town and beer making in Ireland.  A short tour around the building we were back to get to taste their products.

As any local brewery does their taps rotate for seasonal flavors.  And as in most of Ireland they were not skimpy on their samples.  We got to try 8 between the two of us.

We sampled:

  • Scarlet Pimpernal IPA
  • Golden Spear Blonde
  • Devils Hells Lager
  • Casey Brothers: Extra Stout
  • Spailpin Saison
  • Rutting Red Ale
  • Christmas in Killarney
  • Brazen Banshee

The staff there was more than friendly, they gave us a map circling their favorite eats and drinks around the town before we headed out for dinner.  I would definitely come back to this brewery if I found myself back in Killarney and recommend that you go as well!





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  1. This is an exceptional place. Your post was a great read and I believe everyone will be inspired to explore Killarney and this brewing company! 😉

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