Travel Gear Wish List

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As we start planning for our next European adventure I have started to compose some items that are on my wish list for our trip.  Some may be more essential than the others but all still great travel items to have.

1.  AmazonBasics Small Packing Cubes – 4 Piece Set: In my past post about my favorite travel items (here) I have always mentioned these packing cubes as a life saver! Although I have a set I am looking to get some more of the smaller cubes.  The smaller cubes really let you play around with them more when fitting them into your suitcase.  It feels like a game a tetris! The smaller pieces are easier to navigate to make it fit!

2. Shower Bag Tote: this item is not a necessity but I am beginning to think it would be a nice to have on this particular trip.  We will be in a campervan in Iceland using shower houses.  This might be handy as well if you are in a hostel with a shared restroom.  Some places have no ledges to put your items, and sometimes they don’t look inviting to if they do have a shelf to use.  I also think the mesh bag and sleeve is a nice touch as packing up wet shower toiletries in with others in your suitcase never seems pleasant.

3. BAGSMART Small Travel Electronics Cable Organizer: My husband got one of these for Christmas, when it arrived I knew how nice it would be when on the move.  I often travel with my phone, camera(s) and more.  This will help me keep cords from tangling and a place to find them with looking desperately for a way to plug in.

4. Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover : Another item that I have been eyeing from my husbands is his raincover.  He used it in Ireland and it went on and off of his backpack very easily.  I always worry about protecting my camera equipment and think this would be a great way to help keep rain out of a backpack.

5. Light Weight Travel Portable Folding Tripod : I really have been wanting to get better at landscape photography.   I often find a ledge, fence to rock to steady my camera.  Recently I have been thinking this item would be great for travel.  Lightwight, packable and seems to have great reviews.

6. Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens:  Along with the above statement I have been eyeing this budget friendly lens.  I have a lot to learn about photography but I have always loved wide angle shots.  I even specifically asked for a lot of wide angle shots from our wedding photographer and they are the ones I love the most.  This is definitely a luxury item but still getting all the heart eyes from me. I also found it at this site for a slightly cheaper price.

7. Kodiak Women’s Surrey II Hiking Boot:  In recent posts I have raved about my Ahnu shoes and trust me I am still in love with them.  My Ahnu will be going on our upcoming trip for sure.  But as we will be completing some hikes in Norway that may have some light snow on the trails in July I am keeping my eye out for some higher cut shoes to protect my legs and ankles in the dampness.  


What are your favorite travel purchases? I am always on the looking out for items to make my life easier while traveling!

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