5 of the Best Sites in Ireland.

 5 best ireland

Ireland was so much more than what we thought it would be.  Every turn we took we were impressed by the every changing landscapes.  We felt like we saw so much in the week we were there. Taking a car in Ireland was the best way to see as much as we could.  Although the first day navigating the roads on the other side was rough, and much needed help and reminded to turn on the correct side of the road from the passenger, it became quite natural.  Driving through Ireland we saw some great views.  Here are my top 5 and why:


 1. Doolin Cliff Walk



When we had our sights on Ireland I didn’t have high expectations for the Cliffs of Moher.  The pictures always looked spectacular, no doubt, but as most high tourist spots are we were expecting a let down.  We could have not been more wrong.

Cliff of Moher cliff walk it a must, the views and experience was worth the long walk from Doolin to the Visitor Center.  I wouldn’t experience the Cliffs of Moher any other way.

2. Gap of Dunloe

 This was an easy walk as all of it was on a paved road.  Very few cars on the road, and a carriage here and there to move to the side for.  It was a leisurely hike, but such a different view in Ireland.  We hiked from Kate Kearney’s Cottage past the few lakes and then back.  We didn’t have time to pay for the tour to Lord Brandon’s Cottage.  We hiked there and back in about 4 hours.

3. Dunmore Head


This was a surprise site we saw in Ireland. After viewing Coumeenoole Beach we started to head back to our car.  We saw a couple walking ahead of us and decided to see where they were heading.  We were glad we did. It didn’t look like much from the start but the end brought us to a view we wouldn’t forget.  The sheep were walking right beside us.  Sheep have the best views in Ireland.

4. Inch Beach

Our last stop along the Ring of Kerry was Inch Beach.  We hit it right before sunset.  It was not crowded at all, we saw one lone man was walking his dog a long the beach.  It stretched across to a set of mountains on the other side.  I wouldn’t usually consider myself a beach person but this was definitely one that I could enjoy a cup of coffee by every morning or evening!

5.  Ballycarbery Castle


Our first stop on the Rink of Kerry was the Ballycarbery Castle.  We felt like we were hanging out in someones backyard.  Houses around, people mowing grass, going about life with this amazing castle in the backyard.  Walking up to the castle we felt like it was going to be a place to snap a few picture and go.  We spent more time here than we thought, walking around, peaking our head into the rooms, and even climbing up to the second floor!


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