4C9047FF-AA8E-422C-9BB4-D5AB535351B0As mentioned in my post before we got to spend our honeymoon at Nayara Resort in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  Although the resort offers more than enough, we wanted to make sure we saw the town of La Fortuna and  more of the rain forest than directly on our resort.  We were lucky enough to book with Nayara at a package deal, so a few excursions were included but we also added on a few more. Although we booked most of these through out resort they are all options that can be booked on your own as well.

1. Zip Lining

Our resort partnered with Sky Adventures to book our zip lining tour.  A van picked up us and a few others at the resort to take us there.  The company runs their excursions out of the Monteverdi and Arenal areas in Costa Rica.  Sky Adventures offers a range of activities, zip lining, tram rides, bike trails, sky walk, tubing and more.  Zip lining through the rain forest was one of our favorite memories in Costa Rica.  It was raining lightly during part of our excursion, and it felt more like you were in the rain forest than ever.  It was a great way to see the sights and sounds of.




2. Hot Springs

There are many options in the area to enjoy a dip in a natural hot springs.  After a little research and asking friends who have been everyone pointed us to Eco-Termales Hot Spring in La Fortuna.  We choose this one because although children were allowed in this one it seems to cater to adults more.  As we were on our honeymoon this one seemed more relaxing, compared to some in the area that had water slides.

This was such an enjoyable experience.  The hot springs have different areas of water that are all different temperatures.  It was fun to move around and see the differences.  We enjoyed a cocktail in the hot springs as well.


3. La Fortuna Waterfall

One morning we grabbed a taxi from our resort to hike to La Fortuna Waterfall. Although there are a few steep descents this is a fairly easy hike, the trail leads you down through the rainforest and within 20 minutes you arrive at the 200 ft tall waterfall.  The water is a crystal blue, and sitting along the bright greenery makes it stand out even more.  Make sure you wear your swimsuit if interested in getting in the waters surrounding it.



4. Hanging Bridges

This excursion was one booked through our resort.  We were picked up by van and taken to Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park.  Since this was part of our honeymoon package we were in a group with a guide.  At first we were not fond of the idea of hiking along with a guide.  But after the tour we were very happy with having someone so informative with us.  Our guide pointed out lots of different insects and animals, that we would of surely passed up if we were on our own.  He was very knowledgeable and made the excursion even better.



DSCF2574DSCF2433 (2)

5. Taxi to LaFortuna

Our resort had a daily bus to take us into the town of La Fortuna.  We took that option in the morning then took a taxi back when we were finished exploring.  This was a great time to check out the small local shops and grocery stores.  The grocery store was a great place to stop and pick up our favorite coffees and sauces to take back home.  It was quiet foggy that day but I can imagine that there is a better view of the volcano from the town.  We stopped at Restaurante La Casada for a delicious Costa Rican lunch, and if you know me a refreshing mango smoothie. If anyone knows how to replicate those Costa Rican mango smoothies please send me to trick immediately!




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