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Paris is never on the very top of my list of places I would go back to again and again, but when I find myself there I always do love the over looking views of Paris on the Eiffel Tower.  We have been there a couple of times, and each time we find ourselves on the Eiffel Tower at the most perfect time.  Here are my tips to having the perfect Eiffel Tower experience.


Buy tickets ahead of time

Purchasing your tickets ahead of time does cost more,  but we are only talking about 6 euros more than the regular ticket price.  Those 6 euros are more than worth it.  Some days the line can be outrageous to buy your tickets at the tower, possible 1-2 hours of waiting in line.  When you pass by the tourists waiting in the heat or cold you will be thankful.

Mark in you calendar when to buy tickets

If planning your trip far enough a head of time make sure you set a reminder of when to buy your tickets.  They go on sale three months out.  During tourist season these can go fast.  I would recommend setting a calendar reminder for your purchase.  If you are planning with less than three months to go, no big deal there still can be tickets available but it might not be on the time or day that works perfectly into your schedule.

Splurge for the top of the tower

There are two sets of tickets for purchase.  2nd floor lift tickets and tickets to the top.

Definitely go for the tickets to the top, this one gives you access to BOTH the 2nd floor and the top of the tower by lifts.  The 2nd floor it also accessible by stairs, so this is not really giving you the full tower experience.  For comparison the second floor stand at 377 feet which it tall! but the third floor is 905 feet from the ground! A BIG difference!  Even though I believe checking out the second floor is worth it, go to the top as well.  The second floor has restaurants, bars and more.  It seems like its own little town within itself.

2nd floor lift prices-

at the tower: 10 euros

pre sale: 16 euros

Tickets to the top prices-

at the tower: 19 euros

pre sale: 25 euros

Although there is a price difference it is definitely worth it to go to the top!

Pick your time slot

The most important secret for getting the best Eiffel Tower experience is going at the perfect time of day! Check the Paris time and date calendar (here) before picking out your time slot.  And go just before the city of Paris loses light.  About an hour before is perfect.  Seriously this is the best way to overlook Paris in the daylight and after you snap a few pictures and wander around the top you will get to see all the sparkling lights over the city at night.  And really its the best!  I will be honest I am not a fan of Paris, but I am a fan of this!  And you get the best of both worlds, daylight and nightlights.  It truly unbelievable.   Go! -and tell me about it! I would love to hear your experiences as well.

And look at these views!






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