Where to Stay in Chicago: FieldHouse Jones

If looking where to stay in Chicago, you should definitely check this place out.  Ringing in the dirty 30 my husband and I celebrated my 30th birthday in Chicago.  Staying at the trendy FieldHouse Jones in Chicago made it an even more perfect weekend.   Although I usually like seeing new places, it has been over 10 years since I have visited.  My last time in the Windy City was on a high school art field trip and this was my husbands first time in the city!

I have to give 100% credit to my husband for planning this trip and finding this swanky stay for our visit.  The whole weekend was a surprise!

One of my favorite things about our stay at FieldHouse Jones was walking the floors of this hotel to check out the decor.


312 W Chestnut St, Chicago, IL 60610

FieldHouse Jones is located in the North Norwood District which was once a part of the fieldhouse district in Chicago.  Long ago this area was a part of Chicago that was built up in promotion of recreational activities.  The area had everything from offering assembly halls, club rooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, locker rooms,swimming pools, and parks.   A century later FieldHouse Jones updated the building creating a place for visitors to stay and for the community to meet, relax and play in.

Decor and Rooms:

The entire building in dripping in antique sports and recreation pieces with a modern twist.  Each room is designed with antique sports memorable, to artistic sculptures , and all the while keeping a clean and crisp feel to the space.

They offer a variety of rooms, anywhere from full/queen options to a bunk rooms holding up to 7 people.  They even have a hostel type option where you can rent a single bunk in a shared room.

Downstairs they built a guest kitchen space.  A full kitchen equipped with ovens, multiple refrigerators, sinks and more.  And even large dining area with a few board games provided.  This place definitely gives the community hostel feel.


The basement level is designed beautifully, a hallway/commons area tiled as a swimming pool and a play area with Foosball and, pingpong and more.  On Thursdays and Friday nights they open up their slot car tracks.  They purchased two giant slot car tracks and placed them in a room that they lined in silk screens still with their emulsion on them from printing roads signs.

DropShot Coffee:

FieldHouse Jones main level has tourists and community members always filtering in and out as the have a coffee shop on their street level, DropShot.  This is not your typical hotel breakfast spot.  They serve coffee and tea drinks of any type that was delicious!  Much improved options than the oh so popular chain coffee shop.  Along with drinks they also serve grab and go options along with sit down styles of brunch  We got a breakfast empanada to hold us over while we heading out the door to explore the city. Their food menu is here and drinks here.


The location was great.  We felt safe walking the streets nearby.  Just a short walk to get on the Brown/Purple lines for the Metro.  And just a few blocks away from many restaurants and bars.  We went to the Headquarters Beercade and Centennial Crafted Beer & Eatery nearby.  We even made use of the Chicago Divvy shared bike program which had a park station just down from FieldHouse Jones.

Staying here was perfect for our weekend.  Even after heading in early one night after a long day we even spent some time downstairs sipping on the bourbon we brought and playing some nostalgic games.

After talking to the staff they let us in on the scoop that they are working on a liquor license to turn another section of the basement into a speakeasy bar!


FieldHouse Jones price are very competitive to big name hotels in the downtown area.  They beat them out when it came to parking.  In Chicago they charge high prices to park your car, hotel chains often ask for $60 a night while FieldHouse Jones let you come and go in their parking lot only charging $20 a night.  This made the stay more affordable, and it is so much more than a standard hotel.

If I ever find my self in Chicago again you can find me sipping delicious coffees on my mornings at FieldHouse Jones!

If FieldHouse Jones is booked or looking for other tips check out my post here on how to find a perfect AirBnB  for your trip (here).


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